I’m going to start staying in on long weekends in years that end in 6. In May, I wrote the story about the event on May Long in 2006 that pushed me to change from chasing some naive idea of badassery and commit to working to become a musician. This Sunday morning, Thanksgiving Weekend, something […]

Edmonton, August 14, 2016 If you’re of a certain vintage, there was once a caveat that came along with being a rock n’ roll fan. “I listen to everything, except rap and country.” Somehow, that gained you a certain credibility in the hippest corners of the high school hallways. Those dismissals ring largely hollow now, […]

…And Now The Days Come Back To Me. Time beyond our heartbeat. It wasn’t in my plans today. I’d planned on being somewhere else, but as go the laws of economics and trusty old relativity, it was here I found myself. Standing with thousands of locals, neighbours, buddies. In increasingly divisive times, there can seem […]

“Once a year, God gets all the hippies together, and washes them” – Ray Willier Any music festival is defined as much by the land it’s held on as by the music it presents; Gallagher Park, home of the Edmonton Folk Music Festival, features rolling hills and a dawn-til-dusk, sun-drenched view of the city skyline […]

On Monday, Oklahoma City Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook scored 24 of his 26 points in the second half, to cap a come-from-behind win against the Golden State Warriors, the prohibitive favourite to repeat as NBA Champions. That’s some sports reporting right there, although it’s not particularly timely, given that the two teams played again […]

Tonight, we’ll watch the news. Barring that, we’ll watch the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Alberta has seen this before, but likely not on this scale. During the flood in 2013, High River and much of downtown Calgary were evacuated. Slave Lake was evacuated in 2011. In hindsight, those evacuations benefited from several options […]

     There’s a lot to be said for having a record on the shelf. Young people start hanging out at shows, and eventually make friends with the older scenesters, “who were there, back in the day”, and glean some pointers on the history of the scenes they live in. Everyone in Alberta alt-country circles […]